I dream of opening a clinic. It would be a free clinic,where anyone could walk in the door for treatment as they desired. All would be confidentially treated as respected patients.

It would offer any drug of choice, heroin, cocaine, crack, marijuana, oxycontin, etc. at the dose desired. The drugs would be clinical quality, clearly established purity and dosage, clean needles, expertly administered. The patient would be required to remain at the clinic for the duration of the intoxication, so they would not be able to drive or otherwise endanger themselves or others. Attention for reactions, bad trips or other complications would be provided.

They would be treated as a patient with the disease of addiction. When they finish, they would walk out the door without further obligation or risk of prosecution. Provided but not required, according to the patient's desire, would be drug treatment, rehabilitation, referrals for other medical problems or diseases, and similar assistance.

The clinic would simply serve as a drug service, not as a shelter, soup kitchen or duplicate other social services already in place although in some cases it might be associated with them.

The program would require the employment of farmers to grow the necessary crops and pharmaceutical companies to process the drugs. The cost of the program would be borne by the government in place of the costs of prosecution and imprisonment.

The program would be expected to have an impact on the street market for drugs and the associated pushing of drugs on new users.

Bob Johnson