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Robert E. Johnson

Product Safety Engineer
90 Coventry Wood Rd.
Bolton, MA 01740


Providing guidance in the field of regulatory compliance and certification, with particular expertise in product safety.


Product Safety Engineer involved in the safety aspects of manufactured products, particularly information technology equipment. This includes the review and testing of products to assure safe design, submission of products to testing agencies for certification, participation in the standards creation process, and consultation on interpretations and use of standards.


Member of NEC (National Electrical Code) Code Making Panel 12

Representative to UL (Underwriters Laboratories) STP 60950 (Standards Technical Panel) on Information Technology Equipment, STP 60320 on Appliance Couplers, STP 1283 EMI Filters

IEC TC108, Safety of Information Technology Equipment, participating up to 2008 on

  Maintenance Team 2, where I have been a significant contributor to the content of IEC 60950

  Hazard Based Standards Development Team - Technical Specialist working on IEC 62368, replacement for IEC 60950 and 60065.

Member of US Technical Advisory Group for TC108 up to 2008

Member of ITIC (Information Technology Industry Council) TC-7, Installation Codes and Practices; and TC-2, Technical Committee on Safety of Information Technology Equipment

Member of Northeast Product Safety Society


ITE Safety 2001-present

Product Safety Consulting business doing contract work for assorted companies primarily in the telecom and data industries.

Motorola 1996- 2001

Principal Engineer providing product safety expertise in the Homologation Engineering Department for the division:

Digital Equipment Corporation 1972-1996

Principal Product Safety engineer in the Corporate Regulatory and Standards Domains Department:

Also medical electronic engineer at Digital doing circuit design and product development, including managing the development of an analog and digital interface for nuclear medicine equipment. Included management of an engineer and technician.

Medical electronic engineer at Springfield Hospital Medical Center

Established and supervised the medical electronic department; served as site electrical engineer during hospital rewiring and building constructions projects. Prepared construction proposals for building permits.

Consultant engineer for American Peace Corps in Bombay, India

Provided free consulting services to small scale industries through the governent industries office. Work included product designs and redesigns, improving processes, cost reductions and management assistance with about fifteen companies.

Optical design engineering at Holophane Co

Designed prismatic lenses for streetlight and commercial lighting fixtures with three dimensional drafting processes, performed photometric and electrical evaluations of luminaires.


BSEE, University of Cincinnati, (a co-op program)