Tangent Galvonometer


Make product safety
part of your design,
not part of your redesign

I am no longer actively involved in product development and my expertise is rapidly becoming obsolete with the imposition of IEC 62368. I still take the opportunity to learn and discuss developments in the field.

My object was to provide expert design guidance during the design and development process for information technology equipment and similar products.

This improves time to market ratios by reducing product approval iterations. The last thing you want is a bounce for relayout during the certification phase.

I provide advice during the design cycle, not generally available from approval agencies. Agencies often avoid providing design advice due commitments which may result in conflict of interest.

Knowlegeable support can be provided during disputes with certification agencies.

Innovative solutions are often provided to save time, space and cost.

Emphasis is placed on knowledge transfer to company employees, to enhance the company's in house design skills.

Below are a list of opportunities during the product cycle to consider product safety planning and design alternatives.

Concept reviews:

Design reviews:

Prototype evaluation

Product approval processes:

Product failure or review considerations:

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