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The following are consultants in the New England area I have worked with or am familiar with and can personally recommend as experts in their fields.

Russ Bechard - EMI Design, get to him before layout to comfortably control emissions.
  Phone 978-779-6499, 508-344-7697
  Email rbechard@attbi.com

Ed Driscoll - CorDesign - design of product enclosures, metal and plastic hardware
  Phone 781-461-8394
  Email cordesign1@aol.com

Charles Abernethy - Behavioral Implications Management - what I know as the field of ergonomics
  Phone 508-881-6993
  Web site http://home.earthlink.net/~behavioural/
  Email behavioural@earthlink.net

Art Sturgis - Admiralty Consulting Services - a management consultant, particularly quality, reliability, new products.
  Phone 617-480-3097
  Email arthursturgis@aol.com

In other parts of the country I am in contact with product safety engineers also doing consulting. The following are colleagues of mine on the safety committees who I can recommend as experts:

David George - In the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania area: safety of information technology equipment.
  Phone 800-862-0102
  Email david-L.george@ieee.org or david.george@ergonomicsusa.com
  and his son is in the regulatory compliance equipment business at
  Web site www.ergonomicsusa.com

Pete Perkins - In the Portland, Oregon area: safety of information technology equipment with special expertise in leakage current.
  Phone 503 452 1201
  Email p.perkins@ieee.org

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